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标题: 天天考查圣经 1010 [打印本页]

作者: qquchn    时间: 2008-10-27 23:30     标题: 天天考查圣经 1010


[桑巴拉和多比亚]听见[尼希米]来为以色列人谋福利, 就很不高兴。——尼2:10

尼希米在波斯王亚达薛西的朝中任职。 尼希米虽然跟不信上帝的人一起生活, 却没有被当日的制度同化。(罗12:2) 他得知犹大的居民处境凄凉, 就自愿放弃舒适的生活, 踏上艰险的旅程返回耶路撒冷, 担负起重建城墙的艰巨任务。(罗12:1) 他虽是省长, 却天天在耶路撒冷跟同胞一起辛劳, “从黎明初露直到星宿出现”。 结果, 不出两个月, 城墙就完工了!(尼4:21; 6:15) 这实在是个惊人的成就, 因为重建城墙期间, 以色列人遇到百般阻挠。 跟尼希米作对的人, 主要是桑巴拉、 多比亚、 基善, 他们一心要阻止尼希米重建城墙。 《守》07/7/1刊2篇3,4段
作者: qquchn    时间: 2008-10-27 23:30

Friday, October 10

It seemed to [Sanballat and Tobiah] something very bad that [Nehemiah] had come to seek something good for the sons of Israel.—Neh. 2:10.

Nehemiah served at the court of King Artaxerxes of Persia. Although Nehemiah lived among unbelievers, he did not become “fashioned after” the “system of things” of those days. (Rom. 12:2) When a need arose in Judah, he sacrificed his comfortable lifestyle, made the arduous journey to Jerusalem, and took on the huge task of rebuilding the city wall. (Rom. 12:1) Even though he was governor of Jerusalem, Nehemiah daily toiled alongside his fellow Israelites “from the ascending of the dawn until the stars came out.” As a result, within only two months, the project was completed! (Neh. 4:21; 6:15) That was an amazing feat, for during the construction work, the Israelites faced various forms of opposition. The main opposers were Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem, who were bent on stopping Nehemiah’s building plans. w07 7/1 2:3, 4

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