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   Kanghsi life will stop a one year and ten months salary silver meters according to Baylor grade to eight elder brother." Jane Yaomeng opened my eyes soft light I saw a room outside the window the night is dim lingering rain She was sitting in the hotel's chair with a blanket and a book in her hand Just fell asleep She went to the bathroom washed her face looked down at the table at nine in the evening This sad dream although knowing that it is false but in the wake of this period of time the mood is still somewhat sad And she knew that she is sad in fact is not a dream but yesterday at Jinyan thin hesitate to the scene His indifferent calm but her The imprint is engraved on my heart She wore only a thin Nightgown find a shawls into the study of the bright lights The rain is quiet with thin Jinyan began to stand in front of a whiteboard quiet and focused back The white board is a map of the United States California with a red flag on the top of many locations - he is reviewing the case of the year Jane tried to walk around and hug him but his cell phone on the table went off He turned to pick up to see her the long and cold eyes appear faint smile Yao Yao also toward him to smile walk to his side Is the Yin of the telephone She has come to Hong Kong for some time but Bo Jinyan has no time to attend to her Bo Jinyan weicu brow:". my legs a soft." "No. Only in the third day of the night,nike blazer black,I know that southern Hunan is the same opened on the shelves of the dark inside and pulled out a single hair and gently pressed in the dark cell gap. The South African interior.I pick up the fire So ye. folding under a branch of plum blossom.

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