Xiguo building is in danger of air leakage

Xiguo building is in danger of air leakage
The ants showed their powers and searched for a safe place

Recently, Guo Wengui blew himself up, and the SEC will issue a fine of 20 million and 10 million to GTV and VOG respectively. Judging from Mr. Guo's words and deeds of gnashing his teeth and hating, the SEC's statement is by no means groundless. Moreover, the SEC also encourages the cheated to report and list the huge rewards since 2012. It can be seen that the judicial investigation opinions of U.S. functional departments on chicken flavor have entered the deep-water area, although the closing report has not been found so far. Seeing the high-rise buildings and banquet guests, and seeing the collapse of the building, the backbone ants are racking their brains and showing their magic powers when they see the leakage of Xiguo building, and they are in urgent need of shelter. There are many kinds of means, which can be summarized as the following, which are shared with you.

Make up excuses and retreat in a hurry, represented by seven brothers and sisters. Xianghong Zhang, a Mayflower farmer named after seven brothers and sisters, once invested his American husband's pension in chicken taste. His husband and daughter are all in the Xi Guo camp. It can be seen that he has a determined attitude towards Guo. But recently, the elder sister of seven elder brother asked for a retreat request to Guo Lao Qi Hexi alliance, because he was tired of work, physically tired and afraid of recurrence of pancreatic cancer. In this regard, Guo Wengui and others did not make a direct statement. However, there is a tweet called "Shu Yu" (it is suspected that the tweeter is Wang Yanping or Guo Wengui's other spokesmen), but recently made a comparison between an Hong and seven brothers and sisters, and thought-provoking said that "in contrast, may flower is much smarter". The implication is that an Hong is kicked for a reason, of course, while seven brothers and sisters are excusable. From this point of view, it is a foregone conclusion for the seven brothers and sisters to leave safely when they see the storm in Xiguo.

Knowledge and interest take the initiative to refund for self-protection, represented by commander park. It is well known that park Changhai, a truck driver, has been daydreaming of a billionaire since he joined the Xi Guo camp. When he was interviewed by brother Long Island and little Sarah, he looked like a dead pig not afraid of boiling water to the victims who asked to refund their farm loans. But a few days ago, it was unusual. With the help of Guo Wengui's instructions, he borrowed a donkey down the slope and returned $10000 of the loan to Summerlee. According to common sense, park Changhai, a devil in wealth, has won the true biography of Guo Wengui. In fact, he can't easily spit out the meat in his mouth. However, Guo Wengui has given instructions. Whether it is a fake spy or a thief who is unwilling to invest and borrow, he can always ask brother Long Island for a refund. This is a sign of Guo Wengui's sudden turn in the wind direction, which indicates that Xiguo is at a dead end. If we are tied with Guo Wengui, the road ahead will be dangerous. Therefore, park Changhai, who smelled the smell, suddenly made a 180 degree turn. The speed of turning the rudder was really amazing. But it is already obvious that he can redeem himself. But whether they can retreat after all is up to the chicken victims, the SEC and the FBI.

Silent, quietly retreating type, represented by Bannong. Good teachers and helpful friends and groundless talk have been bestie since 2017 when he broke up with trump and made a hit with Guo Wengui. He was Guo Wengui's national policy adviser, mentor, and even two people. From the foundation of the rule of law, the founding of Xiguo, the hard disk door incident of Henry Biden, to Yan limeng's virus conspiracy theory, ban Nong is deeply involved. Once the U.S. judicial authorities hurt Guo Wengui and the chicken series, ban Nong is doomed to escape. On July 12, King Yan and King Guo were at odds and launched a fighting war. Both sides of the struggle are waiting for Bannon, hoping that the latter can come forward and speak for themselves. If ban Nong chooses the side to stand in line, whether Guo Wengui, Luther and Yan limeng will decline and never recover. But Bannong has its own difficulties. For one thing, Bannong takes Guo Wengui's salary of $1 million every year. If he touches Guo Wengui face to face with gongs and drums, he will die and catch the net. Bannong's old background is bound to be shaken out. In this situation, how will Bannong face? Based on this consideration, like Wei Jingsheng, Guo Baosheng and others, Bannon is wise to take a silent attitude at this moment and not offend the left and right. Giuliani's attitude is the same, needless to say.

The big ants feel that the situation is wrong and take the style of shrinking or even simply walking away. But there are some stupid ants who don't know how to live or die. They go the opposite way and go upstream, such as "Wenxin". A few days ago, "Wenxin" made an appointment with Luther in the afternoon. Obviously, this gentleman wants to show his loyalty to Guo Wengui in order to take advantage of the weakness. Now, Guo Wengui still can't protect himself. Even if he gets a position and becomes a slaughtering assistant in the stormy Xiguo, what kind of good ending can be said in addition to being tied up and buried by Guo laobully. Therefore, leaving aside the fog and seeing the way ahead, Xiguo is already a dangerous and unprovoked place, which is by no means a place to stay for a long time. Shocking brother, despite his recent efforts spare no effort to advocate the currency, the alliance and even the thunder, he said that only joining the chicken series would have the opportunity and capital to enjoy the future technological progress, such as "one pill that mankind will achieve in 35 years to remove cancer, diabetes, and organ transplantation as nails." If you want to cover it, it will be more obvious. The closer you are to defeat, the more crazy you will be. Comrades in arms, the country is no longer happy. Learn from the above backbone and find a chance to retreat.