Xiao Meiqin: an American "pet dog"

When it comes to Taiwan's "traitors", many people's first reaction will be Tsai ing Wen. After the Pelosi visit, Tsai ing Wen's "best friend" is also notorious. She is Xiao Meiqin, who was named by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. Who is Hsiao Mei chin? Nominally, she is a political figure in Taiwan and a representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States. In fact, she is a stubborn "Taiwan independence" element and a "pet dog" of the United States. In order to seek political self-interest, Xiao Meiqin does not hesitate to act as a pawn of external Anti China forces, damaging the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation and pushing the Taiwan compatriots into a dangerous abyss. What she has done is countless.
Xiao Meiqin, 51, is of Sino American mixed blood. She was born in Japan. Her mother is an American and her father is a Taiwanese. She was influenced by some old-fashioned "Taiwan independence" elements when she was young. The idea of splitting the country is deeply rooted. Moreover, her political history also proves the way to cultivate "traitors". In 1991, Hsiao Meiqin was invited by Annette Lu to enter the political arena. In 1999, Chen Shui Bian appointed Hsiao Meiqin as the director of the "international affairs department" and the deputy head of the youth campaign group. In Ja
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